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The personal reflections and commentary of Bishop Michael Goings, a well-known pastor and author, on local, state, national, and international issues. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these columns are those of Michael Goings, the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of The Dillon Herald. He is solely responsible for the content of these articles.

Conflicting Characters In A Corrupt Culture

Both the title, as well as the Shakespearian quote that followed are the inspiration for my column today. In a true sense, all the world is a stage and each of us are character actors in this ever-unfolding drama.

The Positive Effects Of COVID-19

0 Is it possible for something as deadly, detrimental, and debilitating as the COVID-19 pandemic to have a positive effect or silver lining? Can it be that something good and constructive can come out of the evil and grief that has been inflicted globally upon mankind by this killer disease that has claimed the lives…

Four Strangers In The Night

In my column today, I am going to attempt something that I seldom do.

The Sunday Before 9/11

The story that I am going to share with you about my personal involvement with the historical and unprecedented events that took place on September 11, 2001, may be hard for some to believe.

Where Do My Ideas And Inspiration To Write Originate?

I have often been asked by people and those who work in concert with me in putting my articles, pamphlets, books, and other literary material together where do I get the ideas from to write and compile so many compositions continually.

People Who Got Caught Red-Handed

Every so often, I feel it necessary to change the course or the routine way in how I present issues and stories in my weekly column.

Pleasant People Whose Presence Blesses Others

For many years now, I have endeavored to embrace and live by the following principle: “People will either increase you or decrease you.”

The First Day Of School

0 The First Day Of School I am going to invite you on a journey back through time by way of the time travelers’ bus. The drivers of this special bus (that occasionally transport time travelers either backward or forward in time) are called memory and imagination. We are going to make two very strategic…

The Value Of Small Town Living

Quite a few years ago (decades to be exact), a distant relative of mine (who had migrated to the Atlanta, Georgia area) confronted me with a question.

Professor Fail

As I look back over the course of my life (that extends for nearly seventy years), I have experienced many things – perhaps more than the average person.