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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

What’s Going on Up There? UFOs: Fact or Fiction?

I have been intrigued by the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) phenomenon ever since I was a young boy growing up in Newtown.

Trout On Dry Flies

My mom planned a family weekend to rent a mountain cabin in May, and as anytime we are near the mountains, Dawson Jordan and I checked an app to identify which rivers are nearby.

Generational Fellowship Unto The Fifth Degree

The information that I am bringing to you in my column today is an amazing story of a generational link that I share with a family.


Eggplant (Solanumm melongena) is a warm-season vegetable that has a long growing season and grows slowly during cool periods. It grows best in temperatures between 70 and 85F.

The Positive Side Of Life’s Problems

Before I begin to present to you the information that is contained in my column today, I feel it is necessary to assert that though the points and objectives that I will consider are consistent with Biblical principles and teaching, this is not a sermon or attempt to proselytize.

Crape Myrtles

Lagerstroemia species is a beautiful summer-flowering, deciduous tree.

USDA Offers Grilling Tips To Pros And Beginners

As millions of Americans get ready to commemorate Memorial Day and welcome summer, the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reminds people to keep it safe this weekend: follow the latest CDC guidance for COVID-19 and remember your food safety practices.

Japanese Privet

Ligustrum is the genus of the wicked privet plants. Common or European privet and Chinese privet have escaped into the wild across the South East and are weedy and invasive.

Essentials We Often Take For Granted

While standing outside recently, as the sunshine beamed down upon me, I could not help but to think how often I have taken the essential light of the sun for granted.

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina)

Nandina, also known as heavenly bamboo, (Nandina domestica) is an evergreen or semi-evergreen broadleaf shrub. It is a tough and durable plant in the landscape.