Practical Things You Can Do To Change The World

As I planned and outlined this article that you are presently reading, it is Sunday morning, October 22, 2023. In all the years that I have been preaching (soon to be fifty years) and pastoring (forty-one years), I cannot remember taking any more than ten Sundays off (except I was recovering from an illness or on vacation with my family). However, on yesterday while officiating a wedding ceremony, my body let me know that I was not an iron man, but very much human. Even though my spirit was strong and willing, my body was weak. I am coming to accept that when it comes to physical strength and vitality, this old gray mule ain’t what he used to be. So, as I sit resting on this Sunday morning, my mind is very active and busy. One of the things that it conceived is the subject matter and outline for this column today.

Renounce and Repent
from Malignant Beliefs
and Practices
I do not believe that there are many people in our culture who live in denial that our country is in some serious trouble. We are besieged by troubles of various types on every side – from political paralysis and inefficiency, to racial issues like anti-Semitism, to the national debt issue, as well as the perplexity we have at our southern border with immigration. Nevertheless, before any of us can be effective in either an individual or corporate effort to change or make the world better, we must make sure that we are a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. One of the surest ways to become a part of the solution and not a part of the problems that are corrupting and destroying our culture is to renounce and repent from malignant beliefs and practices.

Do Not Go Along
with the Majority
When They Are Wrong
You shall not follow a crowd to do evil. (Exodus 23:2)
In my humble opinion, I believe that if people would follow the instructions given in the previous passage, much of the turmoil and trouble that we are experiencing in our country and culture would automatically be curtailed, if not completely vanquished. Many of the problems that we are confronted with are corporate in nature and not just individual. If each of us would refuse to be a part of the crowd or majority (when we know their cause is not just or right), our refusal to participate along with others who agree with our stance and do as we are doing will weaken and diminish the evil that they are perpetuating on our culture. After all, there is strength in numbers and when a group’s numbers continually decrease their power of influence and persuasion decrease as well. So do not follow or go along with the majority or crowd when they are wrong.

Practice the
Golden Rule
One of the practical ways that anyone can help change the world from being evil and wicked to being good and a better place to live is to practice the golden rule. The golden rule is often referred to as the preamble to The Sermon on the Mount and The Beatitudes: “Therefore, all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them” (Matthew 7:12). Can you imagine what would happen if people would embrace and practice this when dealing with other people? It would change both our culture and country regardless of political affiliation, demographic distinctions, religious beliefs, and other diversities that make America the melting pot of the world.

Champion the Cause
for the Poor, Oppressed, and Innocent
Whether you believe it or not, there are still millions of people around the world, and even here in America, who fall in the category described in the heading of this section. People, due to no fault of their own, fall into the category of needing somebody to champion their cause and cry for help and deliverance from poverty, oppression, injustices, and even the cruel and inhumane practice of infanticide. Once again, I ask you what would happen and make our world a much better place to live in if more people would step forward and take up the gauntlet for those who lack the strength, the platform, and voice to defend themselves from various types of tyrannies, detriments, and cruelties? Very ordinary people who are willing to fight for others make extraordinary champions by the grace of God.

The Power to
Make the World Better Through Prayer
From my position and perspective as a disciple of Jesus Christ, He is the Savior of the world Who gave His life as a ransom and sacrifice for the sins of mankind past, present, and future. He both exemplified and exercised the power of prayer in its perfect form like no other man before or after Him could have ever hoped to do. Some may not agree with this, but it was His agonizing and travailing in prayers, oftentimes all night long (Luke 6:12) that helped to empower, equip, and energize Him to achieve His earthly ministry. Even at this present time, He is seated at the right hand of God praying and interceding for us (Hebrews 7:22-25).
Our Lord taught His disciples to pray effective and fervent prayers about all matters of life by abiding both in Him and in His Word (John 15:7). I am fully persuaded that one of the areas where Christians and the Church have failed to make an impact for Christ and help to change the world that lies in wickedness is in prayer and spiritual warfare.
For not only are we the Church and Body of Christ, but we are also the instruments of His government in the Earth. We are His occupying and police force that He has authorized to represent Him in constraining the powers of darkness until He removes us from the Earth (2 Thessalonians 2:1-10). Until then, we must pray fervently that the Lord will heed our prayers and heal our land.

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