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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

Events Wacky And Weird

In this final installment of excerpts from my autobiographical book, Growing Old in Newtown, I’m going to share with you some events that occurred in my childhood that were both wacky and weird.

Unforgettable Events and Sights Etched In My Mind

In this third of the four-part series of excerpts from my autobiographical book, Growing Old in Newtown, I am going to share with you a few of the unforgettable events and sights that are engraved in my mind.

The Night The Gangster Exterminated The Bug

In the part three of presenting to you excerpts from my autobiographical book, Growing Old in Newtown, I am going to present to you an episode of violence and murder that Newtown has historically been infamous for every since I was a child (over sixty-five years ago).

Two Eventful Trips That Broadened My Horizon and Outlook on Life

As stated in last week’s column, I will be featuring excerpts from my autobiographical book, Growing Old in New Town, throughout the entire month of September. Again, I hope that these short strolls down memory lane will both enlighten and entertain you as they do me when I often embark upon them.

The Most Common Needs Of Every Human Being

As a member of the most dominant species on the face of the earth, whether you will admit it or not, there are some basic and intrinsic needs that were wired in your DNA when you were conceived.

Give The Gift Of Preserving The Garden’s Harvest

Give a gift that helps your favorite gardeners enjoy the flavors of their garden well past the end of the growing season.

Thanksgiving Safety: Don’t Let Food Poisoning Gobble Up Your Good Time!

Cooking the Thanksgiving Day feast can be stressful for many reasons, especially when it comes to the turkey. Perhaps you find yourself cooking for Thanksgiving for the first time this year?

Red Cross Offers 10 Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s a time to celebrate with loved ones and brush up on home fire safety.

Take Your Garden To New Heights With Alliums

Take your garden to new heights with alliums. This ornamental member of the onion family provides welcome color as spring bulbs fade and before summer perennials fill our gardens with colorful blooms.

Tarpon Weekend ‘22

Tarpon Weekend has been a yearly trip since 2017 where three boats and crews stay in Georgetown, SC, for the weekend and as the name suggests, fish for tarpon.