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Locally written columns of special interest to Dillon County citizens

Mountain Mint

Mountain mint is an easy-to-grow perennial that flowers from July to August. It is also a magnet for many pollinators such as wasps, skippers, bees, and moths.

Blessings In Disguise

As I often do in my column (as was the case two weeks ago with my subject, “Necessary Evils”), I utilize and expound on well-known sayings that people commonly use.

Remembering The Legacy

A few weeks ago, my topic and thought dealt with things that we received from both parents entitled, “The Best and Worst from Both Sides.”


Wildflowers are rising in popularity in gardens and landscape. They add beauty to any landscape as well as attracting forms of wildlife. Some wildflowers are ideal for cut or dried flower arrangements.


Lichens are plant-like organisms. Lichens are not a moss or plant, but they are an alga and fungus growing together in the same body in a symbiotic relationship.

The Best And Worst From Both Sides

In getting an idea to write about in my column, my consideration today came to me as I thought about both my mother and father.

Invasive Plants

What are invasive plants? An invasive plant is one that is non-native or exotic, is introduced to an area, and has no natural predators.

Tribute To Mrs. Ruby Woods Carter: The Last Of Her Kind

The content of my column today, for as much as my personal role is concerned in the storied and iconic life of Mrs. Ruby Woods Carter, started 55 years ago.

Becoming Like The Old Folks We Once Mocked

In my column today, I want to consider a matter that we all will have to face one day. Though we may attempt to deny it, disown it, or attempt to expel it away, there is certainly no way that we can completely escape it altogether.

Topping Trees

Topping Trees also known as heading, hat-racking and rounding over are commonly done to reduce the size of a tree.