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The musings and memories of the late W.C. “Bill” Lee, a retired teacher, a professional photographer, community volunteer, columnist for The Dillon Herald, church officer and pianist, and one who served in other leadership roles. His wit and wisdom are truly missed, but can be re-lived in this series of columns.

** A Suggestion or a Command?

In your junior high English class, perhaps you remember studying the four classes of sentences: declarative, imperative, interrogative and exclamatory or maybe not,  because you were busy with other important English lessons that day which did not stress grammar that is “The system of rules implicit in a language, viewed as a mechanism for generating all possible sentence in that language.”  

Fantasy Land

To get to Fantasy Land, head out SC57 to Burke Road, take a right, cross the railroad, pass by the fire station and  hang a right on a wonderfully named  Mirage Lake Road; you are in  the midst of Americana, a row of well kept homes in a dream like setting.

Good Samaritans

Sunday school lessons can be enlightening and yes, can force you to answer important questions about what you believe or should believe if you adhere to what the Good Book says at least as you understand it.  

Culinary Innovation

I grew up in a farming environment thus my early and lasting experience of consuming ‘country’ food was formed at an early age.  

Dillon County Jail, c. 1927

It is not often that one has the opportunity to listen to a first person account of a topic for a column.  But my friend who was born in 1927 talked to me recently about living AT the first county jail when she was a child.

First Day

There are all kinds of special ‘days’ such as birthdays,  sales days, school days, week days, groundhog  days, holidays, April fool’s day, Veterans’ day and one you may never have heard of: firstday.  See below.

An Enviable Position

Motorists driving along Dillon’s  Martin Luther King Boulevard recently might have been surprised, even curious to notice a floral arrangement placed in front of the J V Martin Auditorium. There is a story behind the white carnations going all the way back to November, 1963.  If you were living then, you most likely would recall the events of that history making day.

So That’s What It Means

Several years ago, I ran across this information about the classic Christmas song THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.  Most of you would have sung it or at least would be familiar with it, but have you ever stopped to think of what many of the words in the carol really mean?   Here is one explanation; author unknown.


I visit a friend most Saturday mornings.  He is a little older than I am, has some normal physical limitations (He uses a walker mostly.)  

American Exceptionalism

There are at least two ways to look at the title for this column.  One might argue that the readers will look at the title and be intrigued so that they would want to find out what the writer is talking about so in that sense, the title does what it is designed to do: capture the readers’ interest.