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The musings and memories of the late W.C. “Bill” Lee, a retired teacher, a professional photographer, community volunteer, columnist for The Dillon Herald, church officer and pianist, and one who served in other leadership roles. His wit and wisdom are truly missed, but can be re-lived in this series of columns.


Almost all of the people with whom I have contact are my age meaning old and many are residents of facilities for those who are for those both old and bothered by infirmities.

A Boy’s Allowance

My first paying job was for driving a school bus while a student in high school.  The salary was $15 each month less Social Security deduction, my first of many.  


How do you envision a person with the title of warrior?  Perhaps you think of the stereotypes seen on television’s make-believe programs whose fantasy-like exploits hold viewers spellbound with their life defying deeds.  But you would be wrong in this case.


Nearing his solitary candle birthday, he is already supremely aware that he is loved; his parents, grandparents and others envy and marvel at this ultimate gift, this new creation, perfectly formed in every way.  His hair is golden and the object of envy of those whose crowns have faded into gray or indeed departed altogether.


One of my favorite stories is of a remarkable little boy being questioned by his teacher.  The teacher asked the child a simple question, one that he thought he already knew the answer but the adult was in for a pleasant surprise.

A Good Departure

Upon reflecting and pondering the title of this column, the reader in all probability would have used a different title but not wishing to offend  anyone’s sensitivity, I decided to use the word ‘departure’ instead of the obvious one.

The Basket Case

He no longer lived at his boyhood home, but now he was visiting his mother on a Sunday afternoon which explained why he was wearing his ‘dress’ clothes.  She lived in the country and in her earlier life had been a farmer’s wife which explained why she still maintained her small flock of chickens. 

S _ _ _ E

Life is full of surprises, undoubtedly one reason why we hold on to it so dearly.  We want to know what’s coming up next and find the unexpected somewhat exciting.

Appointments Made To Library Board

An appointment was made to the Dillon County Library Board to replace Bill Lee, who resigned from the board, at a recent Dillon County Council meeting.


There are many decisions to be made when a wedding is being planned such as a time, place, reception and an infinite number of others.