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The musings and memories of the late W.C. “Bill” Lee, a retired teacher, a professional photographer, community volunteer, columnist for The Dillon Herald, church officer and pianist, and one who served in other leadership roles. His wit and wisdom are truly missed, but can be re-lived in this series of columns.

The Future?

[The reading of a Letter to the Editor in the Presbyterian Outlook recently (8/24/2010) led to the writing of this column. The letter writer was P.W. Gregory from Lambertville, N.J.)


Shangri-La is generally understood to be a mythical place of unusual beauty, a place veiled in secrecy, a place whose only limitation is the imagination of the one describing its loveliness and seductiveness.


There are certain positions whose job descriptions call for the dealing with the aftermath of traumatic situations such as accidents, wrecks, violent physical acts and sometimes even murder.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Readers of my columns know that I ordinarily walk each week day at Dillon’s Wellness Center.

Life Has Its Ups and Downs

Often times when a child is born, someone might ask the question, “Does he have all of his fingers and toes?” meaning is he “normal” in development.

Ditch Bank Beauties

We live in a highly mobile society, and therefore it is unusual for a person to spend most of his/her life living at one address.


I have outlived my father, most of my brothers and have already passed the ‘average’ life expectancy for one of my gender.

Summer: Once Upon A Time

Growing up in the 1930s in the country with hardly any of the modern conveniences taken for granted today, I do not particularly remember being a victim of the hot summers.

Remembering The Past

One way to remember the past is to be involved in a group such as a reunion, even a funeral or any other reason for being together.


Recently I received a Thank You note from a friend now living in Pickens County, SC. Most of her life was spent in nearby Lake View where her parents were educators and she, Beth, was a remarkable asset to that small Dillon County town. She was a library volunteer who might not give rise in your estimation of her importance but then you must not know the great influence that Beth cast on the community of book lovers there.