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Government news at the state and local levels

Council Gives Partnership $10,000

The Dillon County Council approved $10,000 for the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership to promote economic development.

Council Approves Tablet Purchase

The Dillon County Council will soon be using tablets. The council recently approved purchasing tablets for the council members.

Council Approves Courthouse Grounds Policy

The Dillon County Council approved a courthouse grounds policy for non-governmental functions at their regular meeting.

National Nurses Week Being Observed

National Nurses Week is being observed this week.

Latta Town Council To Meet

Here is the agenda for the Latta Town Council meeting.

State Superintendent Of Education Visits Dillon Schools

South Carolina Superintendent of Education Mick Zais recently visited Dillon School District Four.

Candidates Kicked Off June 12th Ballot (Updated 5/9)

The Herald has received a report that five candidates have been kicked off the ballot in the Democratic primary.

Political Announcements Due May 11th

The Dillon Herald accepts political announcements from candidates who are seeking public office. Announcements must be received by May 11 at 5 p.m. Candidates will only be allowed to run one free announcement.

Move To Stop Rollover On Administrator’s Contract Fails

A move some members of the Dillon County Council to stop the rollover of Dillon County Administrator’s contract failed at a meeting held last week.

County Council Takes Up Several Matters

Several matters were taken up at the Dillon County Council’s regular meeting on Wednesday.