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News from the municipal, county, and state levels of government related to Dillon County, SC

New County Council Chairman Selected

A new county council chairman and vice-chairman were selected at the council’s regular meeting on Wednesday.

AG Attorney Says Council Is In Compliance With Judge’s Order

An attorney for the S.C. Attorney General’s Office says that the investigation has shown that Dillon County is in compliance with Judge Burch’s order.

County Council Court Hearing Set

The Dillon Herald has learned that a hearing for the Dillon County Council will be held Tuesday, January 17th at 12 noon at the Dillon County Courthouse.

Dillon City Council Meets

The Dillon City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Monday night.

SLED Investigating Reports Of Dead People Voting

To secure our state elections and the integrity of every ballot, South Carolina lawmakers passed a Voter ID law last year supported by more than ¾ of all citizens.

Senator Kent Williams On The SANTA Program

The folks at the S.C. Department of Public Safety say there’s a SANTA we all can believe in.

Taxpayer Dollars

Entities that spend taxpayer dollars should show taxpayers how that money is used. That’s true for government entities — like your local town, county and school district — and for nonprofit groups that accept government grants.

Senator Elliott Says Court Needs To Expedite Redistricting Case

State Senate Dick Elliott called for the courts to expedite the case challenging the state’s redistricting plan. The Horry County senator, who represents a portion of Dillon County, said the courts need to act quickly so voters can clearly know the new districts.

Senator Kent Williams On Thanksgiving

Appropriately, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks – other than just for the delicious food that may be set before us.

County Council Called Back To Court

Judge Paul Burch called the Dillon County Council back to court on Wednesday.