County Council Called Back To Court

By Betsy Finklea
Judge Paul Burch called the Dillon County Council back to court on Wednesday.
Burch started his remarks by saying that several months ago, he sent an expert to look into the problems in Dillon County and possible violation of his previous orders. During the last time he had the council in court, he said that if an affidavit were filed with him that he would follow up with a rule to show cause. He said no affidavits have been filed.
Burch said he has received several anonymous phone calls, and he was not blind to the press coverage or internet.
There is an investigation continuing as a result of the previous hearing and the press coverage; however, no litigation has been filed. He said he had a preliminary report and that he had to have more information and requested that the state authorities follow up on some things. He said when he gets some more information, he plans to have another hearing around mid-December. He thanked SLED for their efforts.
Burch said he also thought that there had been some undue criticism of the Attorney General’s Office, and that they had been supportive and thanked them.
He said that the press and the public needed to understand that officials can’t be releasing information just to satisfy them.
Burch said hopefully by December that they will be in the position for the council to fully explain themselves or face the consequences. Burch said he was not out to hang anybody or make a public example out of anyone, he just wanted some answers.
County Attorney Ken Dubose asked that any communication with the court be relayed to council. He said Dillon County had adopted a road maintenance ordinance, and they would like the court to scrutinize that ordinance. He said that the county administrator had issued a directive to public works not to work any more cemeteries. He said council and the county administrator had taken steps to address issues. Dubose said that he was not aware that council as a whole had violated any directive. He said if anyone knows of any violations, they would like to know what the allegations are so they can be addressed. Burch thanked Dubose for getting the county on the road to recovery.
Again, Burch said that he had no written complaints and no affidavits filed.
Dubose said that Dillon County Council complies with the law and have no problem complying with the law.

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