Senator Elliott Says Court Needs To Expedite Redistricting Case

State Senate Dick Elliott called for the courts to expedite the case challenging the state’s redistricting plan. The Horry County senator, who represents a portion of Dillon County, said the courts need to act quickly so voters can clearly know the new districts.
Congressional, state Senate, and state House lines are currently being challenged by a lawsuit in Federal Court.
“For the sake of clarity, the courts should act quickly,” said Elliott. “Voters need to know their districts.”
The court could hold up the primary in 2012 as it did in 1992 when the primary was delayed until late summer.
The current districts were drawn by the courts in 2002 as they were for the last three decades. Elliott said he supports the legal effort to have the courts draw the district lines.
“We’ve had the courts the draw the lines before and it has resulted in fair representation. It takes the politics out of the process,” said Elliott.
“I am concerned that the lines that were adopted reduce Horry and the Pee Dee area voter’s accesses to fair representation in Columbia. An independent judiciary needs to evaluate and rule on these lines quickly.”

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