Granny’s Recipes Restaurant MX Grand Opening Held

By Vickie Rogers

On Tuesday, April 30th The Dillon County Chamber of Commerce held the grand opening for Granny’s Recipes Restaurant MX.
Pastor Locklear began the ceremony with a prayer.
City of Dillon Mayor Tally McColl spoke about being pleased anytime a new restaurant opens in Dillon and its a good day for the citizens as well.
Economic Development Director Rodney Berry welcomed the new business.
Dillon County Council Chairwoman Detrice McCollum-Dawkins, Herb Jacobs of the Dillon County Chamber of Commerce, and David Longacre also spoke and welcomed the new business to Dillon County.
Christina, the owner said they still have items as Marvin’s Convenience had, and that Marvin is still at the business almost daily. They will offer new items on their menu such as burritos, quesadillas, rice and bean, fresh pork skins and will offer specials on the weekends such as mutton and goat. Christina has 5 employees at this time but hopes as the business grows she can employee more people and even begin delivering, and extending their hours. Their phone number is 843-774-9235, and you can call to check their daily lunch specials and place orders. They are on Facebook as well.
The restaurant is located at 1217 Highway 301 South, Dillon.


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