Former Mayor Rodney Berry Announces SC Senate 30 Run

By: Vickie Rogers

Rodney Berry has a litany of experience in many diverse areas that he believes will lift the traditionally distressed District 30 into a new era. The former businessman, Marine, Mayor, County Administrator, and Congressional Director intends to combine all his experiences to overcome the poverty levels that several of the counties experience within the district. “I have not seen evidence of a Senatorial plan over the past 20 years. I have one and it starts and ends with economic development,’ exclaims Berry. Candidate Berry has worked in this sector for the past 15 years and is generally known for being a significant component in the realization of the Dillon Inland port which has proved to be an asset to the entire region. “It’s all about infrastructure and I will be persistent and focused on making those request in the state budget’ says Berry. The republican candidate Berry believes this area needs much more influence and in a republican dominated state legislature, Berry states we do not get anywhere near our fair share under democrat leadership. For the past two decades a large portion of the district ranks top of the state in poverty and population lost. Berry makes the case that the current leadership has had ample time to move the needle and if anything, the area is losing ground.
Berry concluded by saying the new district lines have changed significantly and lends to a republican winning this seat for the first time ever. “Our area has afforded the incumbent every chance possible for the past 20 years to advance us and it simply has not worked! We can travel down the same road or we can change this downward projectory of an area that so many of us believe in andlove. If ever change was needed, it is here and now! I love people and I love to create opportunities. Money does not drive me; successful families and communities do!” concluded Berry.

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