Dr. Sherry Park’s Work Published

Dr. Sherry Park’s research and work on alternative certification (lateral entry) has been published in the peer-reviewed academic Publication Academia.

Academia is a national and international academic platform originating from the prestigious Oxford University. It is currently viewed by approximately 78 million universities, professors, and graduate students monthly.
Dr. Park’s research has been referenced by more than 160 entities in the United States including the National Council for Social Studies College and University Faculty Assembly and Taylor University. It was also referenced by Costa Rica Education Department at the University of Costa Rica and a University in Rehovot, Israel.
Dr. Park is a retired educator who began her career in education at Maple Junior High School.
After 30 plus years in education, she retired as a principal in the Public School of Robeson County. As an educator, she garnered multiple awards and recognition. Some awards and recognitions include: 1) TV-13 Remarkable Woman Finalist; 2) TV-13 Golden Apple Award Recipient; 3) Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching; and 4) National Board Certification in Young Adult and Adolescence Science.

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