Thomas “Pal” Dudley Celebrates 100th Birthday

Thomas “Pal” Dudley celebrated his 100th birthday on Saturday, January 27th. Mr. Dudley is well known in the community as the oldest living veteran in Dillon County, having served in the Army during World War II.

In his younger years, Mr. Dudley worked at the Dillon Veneer plant and served for 14 years as a City of Dillon Police Officer, where he worked in patrol and then as an officer assigned to the Dillon Hospital. He also operated a Texaco gas station. He enjoys gardening and has sold many vegetables from the back of his truck and his roadside stand, which he continues to operate in Little Rock.
He is a deacon at Friendship Baptist Church in Dillon, where he attends every Sunday. He was one of the founders of Friendship Baptist Church and helped lay the church cornerstone.
Mr. Dudley will celebrate with family and friends

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