Residents Turn Out To Help Paint ‘Children On Parade’ Mural

The Children on Parade mural, with artist Jason Best, began on Monday, March 20th with the plan to host the Community Art Project Day on Saturday, March 25th for the community to add their personal touches.

The painting of the first of several wall murals to be painted in the City of Dillon took place on Saturday, March 25, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the James Lockemy Courtyard on North MacArthur Avenue under the supervision of Lisa Moody, City of Dillon Downtown Coordinator.

Those invited and attended the event were students from Dillon District Four; Dillon Christian School; children from the Boys and Girls Club & Pernell Family Services; the Carolinas Art Guild; Herald Office employees; Will Lockemy and his family on behalf of his father, Judge James E. Lockemy; Pro-Tem Mayor Wallace; Johnny Eller; Tim Couser; and various other community members. This group began the task of painting a beautiful mural onto the wall of the building at the James Lockemy Courtyard.

After the youngsters and other volunteers painted until 11:45 a.m., everyone present was invited to join for lunch that was prepared. A group of volunteers served the meal. While this group was at lunch, the Art Guild began painting and added special touches to the artwork.

Also, at this time, Mayor Pro-Tem Phil Wallace added his painted hand prints at the top of the mural. Others were also allowed to add their hand prints.

City of Dillon Downtown Coordinator Lisa Moody stated “What began as a rainy day quickly turned to blue skies as the community joined together to add their personal touches to the mural that has been named “Children on Parade”. The idea behind the mural is bringing the historic elements of our community (the Dillon House) together with the children that are leading our community into the future’. There is nothing more satisfying than to step back for a moment at an event you’ve coordinated and JUST watch. What I saw was unity. I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part of the City of Dillon Mural Project, especially the amazing group that came together this past Saturday to create something beautiful and put their mark on “Children on Parade”.

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