Several Matters Taken Up In General Sessions Court

Circuit Court Judge Paul Burch presided over guilty pleas of incarcerated defendants Tuesday. Codefendants Jason Parker and Brian Blackmon pled guilty to over 30 charges of property crimes. Both confessed to their crimes. Parker received a sentence of 15 years suspended to 10 years active time followed by three years of probation and restitution. Blackmon received a sentence of 10 years suspended to seven years followed by three years of probation and restitution. Justin Hill, who admitted to stealing multiple times from Harbor Freight, pled guilty to multiple charges and was sentenced to eight years suspended to six years active time, three years probation and restitution. Among others pleading guilty are: Tanya Bailey (aggravated breach of peace), Billy Joe Caulder (domestic violence), Charisma Dingle (contempt of court), Tyesha Davis (assault and battery), Joann Mack (trespassing), Clarissa Lam (breach of peace), Lynwood McClure (assault and battery), Raheen Carhmichael (breach of peace), Andrew Johnson (domestic violence) and Johnny Short (trespassing).
On Wednesday, Antwon Gibson, who is incarcerated on murder charges, requested a Duncan hearing, which is a hearing wherein the defendant asks the Court to grant him immunity from prosecution based on a self-defense claim. After witnesses testified and after the State showed a surveillance video of the shooting, Judge Burch denied the defendant’s request, which means the case can proceed to trial.
Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel, who prosecuted all of the cases mentioned above, said additional pleas are scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

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