PHOTO GALLERY: Latta v. Marlboro County Football

The Marlboro County Bulldogs defeated the visiting Latta Vikings 33-0 in non-conference varsity football action played at McAlpine Stadium in Bennettsville on Friday, August 20.
The Latta Vikings kicked off to the Marlboro County Bulldogs to begin the action.
Marlboro County began on their on 36-yard line. Offsetting penalties first against Latta for offsides and then against Marlboro County for a false start occurred before the first play took place with #6 picking up a big first down followed by #5 who picked up 8 yards. Marlboro County’s #4 picked up a first down and then carried for 3 yards before #5 picked up a first down. With 8:26 remaining in the first quarter, Marlboro County’s #6 kept for 6 yards and 6 points. The PAT was no good.
The Latta Vikings received the kick off and carried to their own 48-yard line from where they went to work. On the first offensive play of the night for the Vikings, the quarterback kept for 4 yards. On the next play Kartrell Townsend carried the ball near the goal line but the play was negated and Latta was charged with a 15-yard holding penalty. Tydreik Deberry carried for 8 yards. A false start penalty on the next play moved the ball back to the 39-yard line. Latta’s Andrew Bryant punted, and Marlboro County returned the football to their own 45-yard line.
Marlboro County’s Defonto Tyson picked up 6 yards on the first down followed by #5 who picked up a first down. Once again the Bulldogs were moving the ball. Marlboro County’s fired a pass to #12 that was just off his fingertips. Darius Grant kept for a few yards. On third and 4, Marlboro County’s #4 picked up a fumble and picked up a first down to continue toward the end zone. Marlboro County’s #5 picked up 8 yards. On second and 3, Darius Grant kept for a first down. After overthrowing #12 on the next play, Darius Grant fumbled, and Latta recovered on the 12-yard line to halt the threat.
Latta began to move the ball. After 2 successful first downs, Latta managed to pick up 2 yards to close out the first quarter trailing 6-0.
Latta continued to move the ball. However, after an intentional grounding and a few more downs, Latta found themselves facing a fourth and 8. An attempted pass fell incomplete, and the ball was turned over to Marlboro County.
Marlboro County scored with 1:19 remaining in the first half on a 35-yard pass down the sideline to #6. The 2-point conversion attempt failed.
At halftime Latta trailed 12-0
The Bulldogs kicked off to the Vikings to begin the third quarter action. After being unsuccessful on 3 downs, Latta’s Andrew Bryant punted into the hands of Marlboro County’s Pluto who returned it for a td with 10:31 remaining in the third quarter. The Bulldogs capitalized with a 2-point conversion pass to #22 in the end zone to go up 20-0.
After converting 2 first downs, Latta’s Andrew Bryant was again called on to punt, and Marlboro County took over on their own 30-yard line with 6:47 remaining in the third quarter.
Latta forced Marlboro County to punt, and Latta took over on their 48-yard line with 4:44 remaining in the third quarter.
The Vikings began to move the ball. Faced with a third down and 6 yards to go with 2:03 remaining in the third quarter, Mervin Thompson is dropped on the 41-yard line. Faced with a fourth down and 10 yards to go, a snap got by the quarterback, and the Bulldogs recovered on Latta’s 23-yard line. With 42.1 seconds remaining in the third quarter, the Bulldogs went to the air, and #12 was in the end zone to receive the touchdown pass to go up 26-0. Latta prevented the 2-point conversion attempt by dropping #19 on the run.
After 3 quarters of play, Latta trailed 26-0.
Latta turned the ball over to Marlboro County on a fourth and 9 when Mervin Thompson was intercepted by Rivers who carried the ball in with 10:33 remaining in the final quarter. However, the play was negated as there was a penalty against the Bulldogs. Once again Marlboro County scored on a pass play to #22 with 9:38 remaining in the game. The PAT was good. Marlboro County was up 33-0.
Latta took the kickoff and began to move the ball again. Play after play was successful until Latta got to Marlboro County’s 37-yard line. Marlboro County stopped the threat, took over, and ran out the clock.
Latta will travel to Andrew Jackson on Friday, August 27, for a 7:30 p.m. non-conference game. Support your team.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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