Search Warrant Leads To Drug Arrests

By Betsy Finklea
An ongoing investigation resulted in seven arrests on Tuesday after a search warrant was served at a home on East Countryside Drive, Dillon, according to Sheriff Douglas Pernell.

Pernell said the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office, the Dillon Police Department, and the Lake View Police Department have been conducting the investigation over the past month. He said they have been able to purchase heroin and methamphetamines from this location. They served a search warrant Tuesday at the residence of Kelly Brigman, 119 East Countryside Drive, Dillon.

The following people were charged:
—Kelly Brigman, 119 East Countryside Drive, Dillon, distribution of methamphetamines (one count), distribution of heroin (two counts), possession of heroin with intent to distribute (one count), and receiving stolen goods. The possession of heroin charge is a result of heroin found at the residence.

—Zoilo Padua, 410 East Dargan Street, Dillon, possesssion of methamphetamines.

-Barry Franklin Byrd, Jr., 4751 Highway 9 West, Dillon, possession of methamphetamines.

-Heather Faith Lee, 2076 Highway 501 South, Marion, possession of methamphetamines. possession of controlled substance.

—Zendar Lane, 173 Small Road, Sellers, possession of methamphetamines.

—Michael Aaron Beckwith, 616 Elizabeth Lane, Dillon, possession of methamphetamines.

—Angela Moore Brown, Small Road, possession of methamphetamines.

Sheriff Pernell commended the good work of Chief Deputy Jamie Hamilton, Kim Brumble, Troy Jones, and Ryan Bethea from the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office and Mark Vereen and Allen Turner from the City of Dillon Police Department.
Sheriff Pernell also thanks former Marlboro County Sheriff Fred Knight and current Marlboro County Sheriff Charles Lemon for their assistance.