First Steps Board Candidates Announced

The Dillon County First Steps Partnership Board has announced the candidates seeking approval to serve as officers for the next year.
The approval of the candidates will take place at the annual meeting on Tuesday, October 26 at 6 p.m. a the City of Dillon Wellness Center on Commerce Drive in Dillon.
Candidates for officers for the board are:
—Board Chair: Sharon T. Davis
—Vice-Chair:  JaNovice Greene-Richardson
—Secretary: Inetta Robinson
—Assistant Secretary: Shalana Buie
New candidates nominated for positions as board members are:
—Doretha Smutherman Page-Faith community
—Cynthia Hulon-Family Education, Training and Support Provider
—Flonne Harrison Townsend-Transportation Provider
—Cynthia M. Pernell-Healthcare Provider
The Honorable Nancy Brigman, mayor of the Town of Latta, will be the keynote speaker at the annual meeting. Dinner will be served.
“First Steps wants our children, 0-5 years of age, to get ready for a bright future and to be grateful, dependable, responsible and educated in order that the business and industry leaders will feel good about investing in our county by creating jobs for all of our citizens,” said Dr. Daniel W. Blue, Jr., executive director.
Please contact the Dillon County First Steps Office at 774-0061  to confirm your attendance no later than Monday, October 25th.

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