Fire Chiefs Association Meets

Dillon County Fire Chiefs Association met on September 2, 2010 at B&C Steakhouse with Bobby Thompson, Henry Brunson, Buddy Ray, Danny Bethea, Larry Cox, Randy Berry, Ray McCormick, Leslie McLellan, Sonny McRae, Jamie Berry, Melissa Thompson, Terry Weichel, Donna Hargrove, Moses Heyward, Michael Miller, Jack Cox, Buddy Horne, Cliff Arnette, Lorenzo Owens, Ronnie McDowell, and Bobby Meekins present.
Blessing of the food was done by Henry Brunson and a meal was enjoyed by all.
There was introduction of guests and members present.
A report was given by Buddy Ray on training.  Station 4 will host training on Monday, September 27 and will get with Donna Hargrove on training agenda.
The Forestry Grant is out and this is a 50/50 grant.  Larry Cox has copied for anyone that needs one.
Firefighter Appreciation Day will be October 3rd.  Station Nine has offered to host the event and it will start at 2 p.m.  Donna Hargrove, Leslie McLellan, Terry Weichel, and Buddy Ray will be on the committee for the event.
A discussion with the 911 staff was made on how we can help to make things run smooth.  They explained that they will not always answer every unit other than the truck.  Most chiefs agreed that it helped to have units sign in so it is on the tape and they know how many units are responding.  911 said there is too much chatter on the main channel, and all agreed that we need to be on the T/A channel.  There was some discussion on protocol as to the stations being called before they are toned.  The stations need to decide what they want and have in the protocol.
NIMS Training must be completed to qualify for grants.  Information was passed out on the requirements. A handout was given on the Billy Goldfeder Seminar in Lumberton on November 6, 2010. The meeting was adjourned.

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