A Whole New World

You may have noticed it this week. The PDRTA (Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority) buses running throughout the county.
While this may not mean much to those of us who have vehicles to drive, it means a great deal to those who don’t have a vehicle or who can no longer drive safely.
The PDRTA buses will open up a whole new world of opportunity for those who suffer from a lack of transportation in our county.
The unemployed due to transportation issues now have a way to work so they can better their lives and their opportunities. The senior citizen who has trouble making a doctor’s appointment or who needs to get to a grocery store now has an option. Someone whose vehicle breaks down can catch a ride on the bus. As the service develops and more people start riding, the opportunities for those who do not have transportation are going to increase, and we are all going to see a difference in our community as more people are able to work and make a living and become positive contributors to the community.
Lack of transportation will cease to be the roadblock that it has been to so many citizens over the years because now there is an option.
So, if you haven’t tried it out, take a ride on the Dillon Express if you don’t have transportation or if you are just curious.
It’s free, and you will be glad our community now has this valuable service.