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The editorials and opinions of the editor of The Dillon Herald and guest columnists

Editorial: Openess And Understanding

In Thursday’s paper, we reported that the Town of Latta had approved a resolution to implement a two percent hospitality tax and a three percent accommodations tax that they had passed in 2008.

Opinion: Government Transparency

It was three years ago this month that I unveiled the state’s first Transparency Web site, giving taxpayers a central site to view itemized expenditures for state agencies. The idea was simple: People work hard for their money, and they deserve easy, click-of-a-mouse access to details about how government uses their tax dollars.

Editorial: Habitual Offenders

The Herald has heard numerous complaints lately from residents in the City of Dillon about dogs running loose and in some cases terrorizing entire neighborhoods. A citizen appeared before the Dillon City Council last month to make a complaint about dogs running loose.

Editorial: A Good Place To Start

At a recent Dillon City Council meeting, a citizen made a complaint about litter. His complaint specifically dealt with those people who are hired to clean someone’s property and accomplish their work by blowing leaves, debris, and other trash onto someone else’s property rather than picking it up and disposing of it properly.

Opinion: Protecting The Votes Of Those Who Protect Our Freedom

Although there’s no way to adequately express our thanks to the men and women who have made sacrifices in defending our nation, South Carolinians have always believed in doing our part to return the favor.

Editorial: Voter ID

The Voter ID Bill that is currently under consideration will be a good thing if it is passed and instituted.

Opinion: School Board Recognition Month

The month of January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month—a time to salute the work of school board members and celebrate public education.

Editorial: Get Involved With Your Local Government

Getting involved with your local government—it’s an important and easy thing to do. It can be as simple as attending a meeting or writing a letter to the editor about a particular issue or just keeping yourself informed by reading the newspaper and talking with your local officials.

Editorial: Express Your Opinion This Year

When making you new year’s resolutions this year, how about add one more to your list? Make a resolution to write at least one letter to the editor this year.

Editorial: Shop Locally

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have jumpstarted the sales of Christmas gifts, but many people still have presents to buy. If you are one of those people with a few items left to pick up or if you haven’t even started, then think about shopping locally this year.