Editorial: Express Your Opinion This Year

When making you new year’s resolutions this year, how about add one more to your list? Make a resolution to write at least one letter to the editor this year.
We all have issues that strike us as very important, and as seen in local restaurants, coffee shops, and hangouts, there is no shortage of opinion in Dillon County. Why not share that opinion with your fellow readers of The Dillon Herald?
Your commentary is valuable and may influence other citizens in the community or start worthy discussion and debate on a particular issue.
Writing a letter is simple as explained in the box at theright. You must sign your letter, and it must contain a complete address and telephone number for verification; however, when your letter is printed it will only show your name and town.
During the year, when your issue comes up and the mood strikes, let us know what you are thinking. Make a resolution this year that is easy to keep. Express your opinion in a letter to the editor.

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