Editorial: Shop Locally

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have jumpstarted the sales of Christmas gifts, but many people still have presents to buy. If you are one of those people with a few items left to pick up or if you haven’t even started, then think about shopping locally this year.
Local shopping puts money back into Dillon County’s economy. It encourages local businesses and gives you the opportunity to trade with and support your friends and neighbors. Another advantage of shopping locally is that it saves gas and time. When you visit a local store, you save the time and expense of traveling throughout the region.
Many of our own local stores may have the item you  need. Our local stores have a wide variety of items for you to choose from, and some businesses have items unique to this area that may make the perfect gift. Other stores carry the same items at similar prices as large retailers in nearby cities.
So when shopping for your Christmas gifts this year, think Dillon County first and take the time to visit a local store before traveling out of the area and putting your money in someone else’s economy. Shop Dillon County first!

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