Pal Dudley is the Recepient of the Harnethea B. Manning Scholarship Fund Community Trophy

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Pal Dudley was the 2023 Recipient of the Harnethea B. Manning Scholarship Fund Community Trophy.
Mr. Pal Dudley was the 2023 recipient of the HBMSF Community Trophy. At the time of receiving the honor, he was 99 years young. As of January 2024, Mr. Dudley turned 100 years young. -Hallelujah. Now let’s take a look back in time at Mr. Dudley’s community service.
Not only is he the oldest living retired veteran of World War II in Dillon, S.C.. He annually receives recognition for this service. He was also the second black policeman in Dillon County, Dillon, S.C.
Mr. Dudley was the proprietor of a gas station and owning and operating a body shop that washed and waxed cars. He was a store owner, servicing the community with his homegrown vegetables and is still gardening and farming vegetables to this date.
In receiving his award at the 2023 banquet, he sang two of his favorite hymns, “Amazing Grace”, and “He Looked Beyond My Fault”.
There was a lovely Saturday afternoon for the Dudley and McRae families. In attendance were Delois McRae, her son Terrance, Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield, Gloria McRae, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Gordon McRae, and Robert “Lamb” Dudley.
Special thank you to the Dudley-McRae families and the Dillon County Community.

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