City Of Dillon Council Meeting Held

By Vickie Rogers

“On Monday, May 13th, the City of Dillon held its regular City Council meeting at the City-County Complex, 401 W. Main Street, Dillon. Mayor Tally McColl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Council members in attendance were Mayor Tally McColl, Councilmember James Washington, Councilmember Jay David, Councilmember Dr. Phil Wallace, Mayor Pro Tem Timothy Cousar, Councilmember Douglas Jackson, and Janet Paschal, City Attorney. Everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Pastor Jamont McRae of Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Holiness Church in Dillon, S.C., gave the Invocation. Mayor Tally McColl made a motion to approve the agenda; the motion was seconded, and it passed. A motion was made by Mayor McColl to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting from April 8, 2024. The motion passed. Mayor Tally McColl gave his Mayor’s Report, beginning by thanking everyone in attendance. The City of Dillon has been busy in the last month. The Mayor thanked City Manager Glen Wagner and the City of Dillon employees for the huge success of Celebrate Main Street. He said he believed every employee of the City of Dillon was involved in some form or fashion. McColl spoke of a large crowd and a lot of fun, and he noted the excellent setup of the event. Next, Mayor McColl spoke about the First Friday at the Fountain held on Friday, May 3, 2024. He said, ‘It’s a great way to spend your Friday, and a great way to build and strengthen our community.’ He encouraged everyone to attend such events, noting that many communities lack the resources or know-how to organize them. Mayor McColl thanked the Pastor’s Association for organizing the National Day of Prayer service on the courthouse steps. He mentioned several city meetings that had been held. He expressed pleasure at the opening of the splash pad at the City of Dillon Wellness Center and thanked the Schafer Foundation for donating funds for the shades. He also mentioned the Recreation Field behind the armory, noting the high participation of parents and children. He spoke of the new lights at the soccer and football fields and thanked Coach Hayes for helping secure funding for them. Additionally, he expressed excitement for the upcoming football season. In closing, he mentioned attending an Economic meeting at the Inland Port and Northeastern Strategic Alliance, where he spoke positively about the city’s projects and assets. He was pleased that the site director was impressed by the opportunities in a municipality of this size. Mayor McColl encouraged everyone to appreciate the positive aspects of the city. Glen Wagner began his City Manager’s Report by mentioning that 88 kids had signed up for tackle football this season. He then proposed rescheduling the next regular council meeting from June 10th to June 3rd due to conflicts with the mayor and Councilmember Jay David. Council agreed. He advised that the Budget Workshop is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 23rd. Wagner said there would be a first reading of the budget at the June 3rd meeting, followed by 15 days to advertise for the final reading, tentatively scheduled for June 24th. Wagner then spoke about the Streetscape project, noting his meeting with Stephanie Mitchell, the landscape architect, to review changes. He mentioned ongoing renovations at the City of Dillon Police Department, stating that the completion date had not been set yet but that painting had begun and the elevator was expected in early June. Janet Bethea, Finance Director, presented the City of Dillon Finance Report. Lisa Moody, the Downtown Coordinator, expressed her satisfaction with Celebrate Main Street and thanked everyone involved. She mentioned the success of Friday at the Fountain and outlined upcoming events and performers. Moody also discussed plans for mural projects and an art display by the Carolina Guild at the Visitor’s Center. She announced a forthcoming publication in collaboration with The Dillon Herald, a 50-page booklet featuring 100 things to do in Dillon County, a meet-the-mayor-and-council page, and promotion for local businesses and agriculture. The aim is to raise funds for downtown Christmas decorations. During the Citizen’s Report, Ernest Adams asked about the delay in completing the carwash on Hwy 301. The mayor explained that there had been issues with the sewer but that they had been resolved. There was no Old Business. Mayor McColl introduced New Business, beginning with Resolution #05-24 – To accept proposals for the Master Plan for Downtown Market Analysis. The motion passed. Resolution #06-24 – Addendum to Employer Resolution for Participation in the State Insurance Benefits program regarding County/Municipality Councilmember Coverage was approved. Resolution #07-24 – Fair Housing Resolution was approved. Ordinance #24-07 – Amend City of Dillon Official Zoning Map for Arthur Tompkins, Jr.’s property Tax Map System Number 059-14-14-007 from B-2 Highway Commercial District to B-1 Central Business District – 1st Reading motion was approved. Ordinance #24-08 – Amend City of Dillon Official Zoning Map for Arthur Tompkins, Jr.’s property Tax Map System Number 059-14-14-004 from B-2 Highway Commercial District to a B-1 Central Business District – 1st Reading motion was approved. During the Council members Report, Councilmember Jay David expressed his appreciation for the developments in the city and proposed the idea of a walking path at the Wellness Center. Mr. Wagner explained that cost was a current issue. David also mentioned receiving inquiries about introducing pickleball to the city. Councilmember Washington thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers following the passing of his mother. Councilmember Dr. Phil Wallace inquired about a dump truck parked in the city and discussed the possibility of amending the ordinance. Benny Genwright gave the closing prayer. Mayor McColl made a motion to go into Executive Session, which was approved.”

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