Pee Dee Coalition Observes Domestic Violence Awareness Month (with photo gallery)

Every October, Pee Dee Coalition joins its partners, supporters, and allies from across the region to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) to mourn those who have died from domestic violence, celebrate those who have survived while connecting with those who work to end violence. DV is prevalent in every community and affects anyone regardless of age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality.
Mayors in Dillon County signed the proclamation declaring the awareness month recently.
In 2022, the Coalition received 4,836 calls related to family violence and sexual assault in addition to assisting 1,852 new clients, 60% of whom were children.
Though the Coalition makes its mission to support all individuals, according to The Crime Report by Crime and Justice News, “It is believed that up to 70% of domestic violence that occurs globally every day, is never reported to anyone.” This year’s campaign Safe Homes, Safer Communities, emphasizes the need to break the strong grip that silence has in the communities across the Pee Dee Region to develop safe homes for all, most notably for the youth.
Each of us has a role in changing the narrative about what domestic violence is, to whom it happens, and how to support those who are experiencing it and prevent it entirely. In support of all victims and survivors, the Coalition wants YOU to join the fight to “Un-Silence the Violence” in making HOME a safer and more compassionate place to live.
Support the fight against DV by participating in the Pee Dee Coalition’s Month-long events:
• Sound the Alarm: It’s the Purple Campaign Service Provider Challenge- Service providers are asked to wear purple and submit a photo to be featured on the Coalition’s marketing platforms.
• #GoPurple Challenge- We challenge 1,987 people to support the awareness month on their Social Media accounts.
To learn more about the Pee Dee Coalition and to participate in the challenges above, visit or follow its social media: PeeDeeCoalition
Pee Dee Coalition is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the reduction of sexual assault, family violence, and child abuse and the needs of its victims.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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