Dillon High School Class Of 1960 Hold Reunion

On July 6, 2023, the Dillon High School Class of 1960 met at Quincy’s in Florence for a small, impromptu but fun reunion. Twenty people attended: Crockett and Emily Shelton Hardy Branch, Harold and Sam/Laura Caulder and daughter, Ann Orr Hayes and son, Sidney Ann Young Jackson, Cleo Arnette McKenzie and daughter/son-in-law, Kay Rogers McLean, Curt and Sally McSwain, Monte Lupo Prater, Josey Kate Lee Rogers, Jamie and Judy Smith, Kathryn Dillon Thompson, and Nancy Hall White.
In response to a request from Jerry Berry, Nancy Hall White distributed copies of a May 23, 2023, Dillon Herald article about the auditorium restoration project. The Class of 60 decided to make a small donation to show their appreciation for the values that Dillon High School teachers taught us along with a strong academic foundation. Jamie S mith, class president, urged class members to stay in touch and to log on for the Zoom meetings we’ve been having every other month for the last year.
Jamie also led the class in a moment of silence to honor class members who have died: Vivian Bowen Bethea, Sammy Bigger, Alton Blackmon, Jack Bohachic, Patsy Ann Brigman, Bill Buie, Joann Dean Callahan, Emmy Lou Branch Cook, Mildred Faye Cook, Patricia Mills Daniels, Carl Gene Edwards, Howard Lester Edwards, Barbara Ann Oliver Ford, Jerry William Godbold, Barbara Welch Graham, Edward Leroy Hayes, Pamella Harrelson Hayes, Jimmy Drafus Herring, Becky Hulon Herring, Tommy Hyatt, Dallas Jackson, Ann McKellar Kinlaw, Peggy McInnis Martin, Billie Ann Wilkerson McDaniel, Maary Grace Shankle McDaniel, Perry McDaniel, James McDonald, Barbara Ann McNeil, Gilbert McNiel, Betty Lou Musselwhite Molnar, Betty Stackhouse Norris, Donna Jean Gove Oliver, Mac Pate, Tommy Reaves, David Sloan, Elizabeth Rowland Taylor, Bobby Lee Thompson, Florine Daniels Webster,and John Henry Williams.

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