Scammers Posing As Dept. Of Consumer Affairs

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A key red flag of a scam is when someone pretends to be from a well-known organization such as federal or state agencies, law enforcement or businesses.
The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA) is no exception to this rule. We recently learned that scammers are posing as SCDCA staff to trick consumers into handing over their information.
The two consumers who reported the calls say the individuals claiming to be SCDCA said they were calling about the consumers’ recent solar panel purchases. One consumer said the caller claimed SCDCA was gathering personal information for a report on pricing comparison. In follow-up calls from the scammers, they acted as if they had complaints about the consumer’s current solar panel company.
Remember, SCDCA will never call you out of the blue and ask you for your personal identifying or financial information. If you have any questions about whether an individual who is calling you is from SCDCA, hang up and call (803) 734-4200. If you have received a phone call like this from someone claiming to be SCDCA, please report it to us by calling call (803) 734-4200.
Download Ditch the Pitch, SCDCA’s guide to guarding against scams for more information on how to spot a scam. Follow SCDCA on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest scam updates and tips on how to keep your information safe.

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs aims to protect consumers from inequities in the marketplace through advocacy, complaint mediation, enforcement and education. To file a complaint or get information on consumer issues, visit or call toll-free, 1 (800) 922-1594.

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