Two People Rob Cookout, Put Employees In Freezer

Two people robbed the Cookout in Dillon in the early morning hours of Tuesday, according to a report by Pfc. Leslie Jones of the City of Dillon Police Department.
Two employees were inside the restaurant, and one went to take the trash out. One of the suspects was outside the back door and had a gun following the employee back into the restaurant. The suspect had his gun to one employee’s head and told two other employees to get inside the freezer. The suspect put the gun in one of the victim’s backs and pushed her in the freezer. The two employees were inside the freezer about seven minutes.
The suspects took the money from the cash register and the safe.
The suspects are believed to have possibly left in two white vehicles headed towards I-95.
One suspect is described as a black male wearing a blue mask and a dark grey hoodie and jeans.
The other suspect was described as a light skinned black female with a green bonnet or doo-rag wearing glasses and carrying a big book bag.
Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the City of Dillon Police Department.

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