Donnez Alford and Chris McCollum Sign To Further Their Education And Football Careers

Two Dillon High Wildcats football players, Donnez Alford and Christopher “Chris” McCollum, inked to further their education and football careers on Friday, February 3, in the Wildcat Den in the Dillon High School Gym
Dillon High School Head Football Coach Kelvin Roller stated “It’s a wonderful day for these two Wildcat players.” The coaching staff and school officials are happy on this special occasion.
Coach Roller thanked the parents for allowing the Dillon coaching staff to coach these 2 fine athletes.
Everyone needs help, and these two received it from several people.
“It’s been a pleasure coaching Donnez. Since first witnessing his athletic ability in the eighth grade, I knew he was a gifted athlete. He quickly found his position with the Wildcats as a defensive back and a receiver. “Donnez has always been a responsible person for his own actions,” remarked Roller. Alford was a 3-year starter for the Wildcats varsity team.
Although Dillon High School’s Donnez Alford had offers from other colleges/universities, he signed to continue his education and football career with North Greenville University on Friday, February 3.
Having played football practically all of his life, Alford should fit well into the defensive secondary or the receiver core of North Greenville University. Not only is he a great athlete, he is also a good student. He will carry with him to the next level his work ethic in academics and athletics. He will major in Mechanical Engineering.
While on the Dillon football team, Alford played receiver on the offense and corner on the defense. Alford made the All-Region team.
When Alford is not practicing football or studying, he is exercising or reading as he enjoys both.
Coach Roller remarked that Chris McCollum was a 4-year starter for the Wildcats. McCollum played tight end. “He was a very talented football play as he picked up everything on the first practice,” stated Roller.
Coach Roller exclaimed “both of these players are great athletes and will be very successful. We are very proud of both of them!”
Althoug Christopher “Chris” McCollum received other offers from other colleges/universities, he signed to play at Georgia Military and should receive playing time as a defensive end and tight end.
McCollum attributes his success on and off the football field to God. God has given him the talents in both areas.
Not only is McCollum a great football player, he also formerly played basketball.
Chris should be a good fit for Georgia Military because of his athletic abilities and his academics.
McCollum has enjoyed being a part of a great team, the Dillon Wildcats, for 4 wonderful years.
While at Dillon, he received awards including All Zone and All-Region.
McCollum loves football as he also loves other sports.
His Mother, Nikki Turbeville, is very proud of her son. With a smile on her face, she exclaimed “I am very proud of Christopher and what he has accomplished on and off of the football field. I look forward to his continuing success in football and his academic studies. I expect great things from him while at college.”


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