PHOTO GALLERY: Ragan Bethea Takes Next Step In Softball Career

Latta High School Senior Ragan McKenzie Bethea took the next step in her softball career on Tuesday, January 31, as she signed with Guilford College of Greensboro, N.C.
The signing took place at the Ellis Performing Arts Center in Latta, S.C.
Ragan thanked everyone in attendance for their support during her career and a special thank you to God. She also thanked all of her coaches plus a special thanks to Tommy Moody for his belief in her.
She especially thanked Guilford College for providing her with the opportunity to play softball and get an education.
Bethea has been playing softball since she was 4 years old in the rec league and travel ball since she was 10 years old. In the seventh grade, she played junior varsity softball for Latta. She also played varsity softball beginning in the eighth grade and will continue to play this year as a senior.
Her parents, Heath and Mitsy, influenced her the most in this sport.
Not only is Ragan a good softball player, she is also a good volleyball player.
Ragan cherishes the opportunity of playing softball for all of these years. She recalls the most memorable moment in her career when she hit her first “out-of-the-park” homerun as a seventh grader!
As she transitions from high school to the college level, she will carry the importance of always enjoying the moment and having fun as one never knows when it could be the last!.
Although Ragan had other offers such as Greensboro College, she decided on Guilford College as she believes she will be a good fit as she has a good work ethic, and Guildford has an excellent forensics program of which I will major.
Ragan loves working out at the gym and hanging out with family and friends plus she enjoys the great outdoor activities.
Ragan’s parents, Heath and Mitsy, are so very proud of Ragan! Both exclaimed “all of Ragan’s hard work has paid off for her to be able to play at Guilford and get an education! Go Quakers!”
Latta High School varsity softball coach Jenny Melton remarked “I have had the privilege to coach Ragan since the seventh grade. She has been a huge asset to Latta Softball and will be greatly missed. Ragan has grown so much over the past several years. I am very proud of her accomplishments and excited for her to start her next softball chapter at Guilford College.”
Latta High School Athletic Director Robbie Brown stated “I am extremely proud of Ragan. She is a hard worker and gives everything she has. She is a person who doesn’t accept defeat and never backs down from a challenge. I look forward to seeing her future success while at Guilford College. I am proud, and Latta is proud!”


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