Ghost The Repo Man Surprises Latta Residents With Free Gas

Ghost the Repo Man, a local nondenominational Pastor, recovery agent, entrepreneur, comedic social media influencer and “Good Samaritan” filled up multiple cars with gas during his surprise February 7th, 2023, free gas giveaway in Latta, South Carolina. Ghost is a native of Johnsonville, SC, who served in the United States Army and graduated from Benedict College located in Columbia, SC.
Latta is just one of the many sporadic gas giveaways sponsored by Ghost the Repo Man in areas around South Carolina and North Carolina thus far. The gas giveaways are sponsored solely by Ghost the Repo Man as a kind gesture to help those who would benefit from free gas and a big smile on their face. As a business owner his goal is to support other businesses and bring people together via positive engagement. Ghost is always eager to meet new folks, fuel positivity, share love, and kindness with his fellow neighbors through his philanthropy efforts. The movement has also cultivated stronger relationships with communities and local law enforcement as they often assist with traffic and safety during these events.
As a result of Covid-19, high suicide rates, and economic hardship throughout the Nation; Ghost the Repo Man decided to use his savings and social media via a podcast format to impact the lives of people throughout South Carolina initially. However, his organic movement spread throughout the US via social media. He has been transparent by highlighting his authentic life as a Christian Pastor and a “Repo Man” who has a big heart; and loves to laugh and encourage others not to give up on life or their dreams. He has successfully held numerous gas, cash, and groceries giveaways as a one man show. Ghost is giving his listeners hope by giving back and encouraging Folks to treat each other well regardless of race, gender, nationality or creed. The Ghost the Repo Man Supporters would love for you to share this paying it forward story with the general public in hopes it will put a smile on someone’s face and influence kindness in our chaotic society.
What are people saying about Ghost the Repo Man?
“Ghost the Repo Man is a great example of how one person can make a difference!” “Keep up the amazing work!”.
“You are doing some good things, keep up the great work!”
“Love it!”
“You made a lot of people happy!”
“Ghost just filled my tank up; follow him now.” (Quotes by Ghost social media followers)
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