The Most Common Needs Of Every Human Being

As a member of the most dominant species on the face of the earth, whether you will admit it or not, there are some basic and intrinsic needs that were wired in your DNA when you were conceived. These human essentials are practically impossible to deny when you truly consider them and how they apply to and affect you. Though they may vary in priority and pursuit from person to person and from culture to culture, they are nevertheless needs that exist in all human beings.

The Need to be Sustained
At the top of the list of the most common needs of every human being is the need for sustenance. Without debate, controversy, or any opposing or rational argument that can be made against it, the need to be sustained through having the basics like food, water, shelter, and clothing are the indispensables to remaining alive. Take these away from anyone and it will not be long before they will perish either from thirst, starvation, or extreme and harsh weather.

The Need to be Significant
Whether we realize it or not, there is a need to be important or significant in every human being. Even the beggar or what some might label as the lowest among us (due to some misfortunate circumstance, mental or emotional challenges, or disability often due to no fault of their own) has a deep, intrinsic need to be important. Regardless of what seemingly unfair predicament they may be in is the need to know they are important to someone. The very human need to know they have significance and value to someone is crucial to their being because without it, their life is both meaningless and not worth living.

The Need
to be Solaced
Though some will attempt to be hardboiled and put on a facade to conceal this most basic of human needs, such people are often hurting, deeply wounded, and crying out from the inner depth of their heart for help and comfort. You may wonder how I know this to be the case. Well, let me tell you. I was once among the captives and imprisoned by erroneous and evil thoughts, emotions, ideas, hatred, and unforgiveness. I desperately needed to be consoled and delivered. This most basic of needs were met when I cried out and surrendered to the only One who could truly rescue me. Again, I repeat with both empathy and emphasis that everyone, whether they will own up to it or not, has an innate need to be comforted and encouraged from time to time.

The Need to be Successful
The need to be successful is, arguably (of all the needs under consideration in this article today), the least to be understood. Though I believe like all the others, it is an inbred trait in all of us. I know of no one (except those who are mentally imbalanced or unable to compete or function at a level of normalcy) who do not desire or aspire to be successful at what they are doing. According to their abilities and assignments, this is true in the workplace, in athletics, in the military, in the classroom, and in every field of endeavor or enterprise (given we have different abilities and gifts and different levels of performance and productivity). However, it is in our human DNA to be successful at what we strive to do. This has been the case when we were sperm competing against millions of others for the chance to be successful in who will reach the ovary first. This process continued through learning to walk, learning to talk, and our growing and learning to fend for ourselves without the aid of others.

The Need
to be Social
“Man is a social creature.” When the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, coined this saying, he pinpointed one of the most basic needs of every human being, without exception. Though there may be some real life Grinches (like Dr. Seuss’ fictional character who hated socializing with others), this is the exception. In the very core of our being, there is a longing and craving for companionship and fellowship with others. Who knew this more than our Creator who said, “It is not good that the man should be alone”. To be social does not mean that everyone must get married to fulfill or satisfy this basic need. It means that no one was born to live on an island, independent and isolated from other human beings. Whether we realize or admit it or not, we were wired in our DNA to interact and socialize with other human beings. Whether this is fulfilled at work, at church, at a family setting, or wherever, you are a social creature.

The Need
to be Saved
As you may have already surmised, I have reserved the greatest need of every human being for last. From a theological and Judeo-Christian perspective, the most basic need of every human being is the need to fellowship and worship with the Creator. Our Creator made man in the Garden and put in him a sanctum called Eternity (Ecclesiastes 3:11) that can only be occupied and filled by His presence. When man disobeyed God and became sinful, the Holy presence of God immediately vacated that once holy place. From that time until this day, man has been attempting to fill that sanctum with other gods and vain things. Man was created and made to worship the one true God and nothing else will suffice and fulfill that most basic need. This is the primary reason why God sent His Only Begotten Son to atone for our sins, in order that we who believe in Him may be saved and brought back into fellowship with God.
This place in all of us, who believe in Jesus Christ, has been cleansed, regenerated, and filled with the presence of God in a way that Adam could have never known or imagined.

A Note About
Last Week’s Column
This statement is a retraction and expression of clarity to anyone who misinterpreted my column in last week’s paper entitled, “A Meek Mother Forced to be Heroic and Tenacious.” I want it to be known that no one shared any information that was contributed in the article. The story line was based upon several real-life experiences and incidents that I have gleaned and documented over the years of people from various places and locations. The plot was a composite and mosaic of all these experiences and incidents and does not illustrate nor focus on any one particular individual.

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