South Of The Border Making Changes

By Betsy Finklea
South of the Border is streamlining operations and making other changes to better improve service and customer experience, according to Ryan Schafer.

Some of the biggest change that can be seen at South of the Border is the demolition that is underway. The old motel, the ice cream fiesta, and the t-shirt shop are all set to be demolished to increase parking and space for more operations.
The suites in the current motel are being remodeled. Several have already been done, and eight are currently being remodeled now to a higher grade than they have been in the past.
Due to a recent fire, the front of the West Shop is also being remodeled.
The T-Shirt Shop has been divided between the West and East Shops, and the sales have more than covered the amount that has been taken in as an individual shop. This move also makes it more convenient for customers who can now get the items they are looking for in one or two places rather than having to visit several.
The Ice Cream Fiesta will be incorporated into the foyer of the Sombrero Room, which can more than accommodate this operation. The remodeling for this will begin as soon as the new restaurant equipment arrives for the Sombrero Room restaurant, which has some of the best food around.
Streamlining these shops into others take less employees to operate. Like many businesses, South of the Border is having difficulties finding employees to run their shops. By making these changes, customers will experience improved service and less wait time.
Schafer said they will be tripling the size of the Sunoco as well.
The campground was recently expanded last year with 24 large sites.
Charging stations for electric cars were also recently unveiled, and plans are to add more charging stations to accommodate their customers.
More exciting things are on the horizon at South of the Border that will be announced in the near future.

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