PHOTO GALLERY: Vance Clark Loves Donkeys, Plants, And Sunflowers

Vance Clark loves sunflowers, plants, and donkeys—a fact that is evident when one visits his home located at 2547 Hwy. 38 West, Latta.
Even at mid-afternoon, his sunflowers brilliantly display their colors, and many of them are over 10 feet tall. They are at their most beauty at mid-morning. Clark explained that sunflowers love “water.” He demonstrated the manner in which he supplies his prized sunflowers with the water they thrive upon.
Clark’s love for plants is quite apparent as well as his love for donkeys. His late donkey, “Elvis,” was well-known throughout the community and the state and other states.
Three of the donkeys he has trained since their births are at his homestead. Three generations were present. He has much love and affection for these animals and each possesses much love for him.
Clark once traveled with his “famous” donkeys and won many trophies and prizes. Clark also possesses a talent for performing “tricks.”

Photos By Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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