Two DHS Students Graduate From College Before They Graduate From High School

By Betsy Finklea
Two Dillon High School students are making history by becoming the first students at their school to graduate college with an associate’s degree before they even graduate from high school as part of Northeastern Technical College’s dual enrollment program.

Hunter Godbolt and Ashton Turner have been taking classes from Northeastern Technical College since they were in the tenth grade, and their hard work has paid off. They will enter four-year colleges as juniors, with two years behind them, and much less expense. In addition, Godbolt has earned extra certificates to add to his transcript.
Turner said she decided to take college classes because the opportunity was there. She decided to jump in and see if she could actually do this. Godbolt also echoed that he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and liked the idea of less expense when pursuing his four-year degree.
The journey wasn’t easy, however. In addition to their regular high school classes, both were also taking college level courses. Turner said some nights she would stay up until three o’clock in the morning to finish her work. Godbolt also recalled times that he felt overwhelmed, but both quickly learned how to balance their regular school classes with their NETC courses.
They both said the college classes were more challenging than their high school work.
Godbolt and Turner both said their mothers were helpful in this journey because both mothers are also in college pursuing degrees.
Godbolt has earned 50.5 credits at Northeastern and will have completed 24 classes after this semester. Turner has earned 43.5 credits and will have completed 18 courses after this semester.
Turner plans to attend Coker College in the fall. Godbolt plans to attend Erskine College in the fall, where he has been recruited to be a founding member of the Quiz Bowl team.
Both will graduate from Dillon High School on June 15th.
Dr. Harriet Jackson, school guidance counselor, expressed on behalf of herself and Principal Timothy Gibbs how proud they are of these students and their accomplishments.
Northeastern Technical College has a resource office at Dillon High School in the media center, headed by Ms. Asiya Jones, to assist students who want to pursue the dual enrollment program.

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