Editorial: Recognition Of Dillon County Voter Registration Office

Another election has come and gone, and Dillon County voters came out in strong numbers this year with a nearly 67 percent turnout; however, election after election, one office fails to get the recognition it deserves. That office is the Dillon County Voter Registration Office.
Unless you have been there and witnessed it first hand, most people have no idea what goes into an election and the strain that is put on that office during an election cycle and the abuse they get from candidates and the public when things don’t go that person’s way. Despite that, they are always professional, courteous, and willing to help candidates with their issues and serve the public.
The staff of this office efficiently and honestly does their job with a small staff who are underpaid compared to other counties and who work long hours and get little to no recognition for a job well done.
Today’s editorial is to recognize this hardworking staff on the tremendous task of making sure our elections are honest, fair, and that every vote is counted and the people of Dillon County are heard.
Susie Edwards is the long-time director of this office and has done a superb job of running our elections over the years. It takes an honest person, who is willing to make sure every person is treated equally and fairly and who will take a stand to do what is right for all people. Mrs. Edwards has always lived up to the task.
The staff which consists of Laurie Cook, Michelle Harrelson, and Ann Blunt have followed her lead in providing excellent service to the candidates and the public.
Because our elections run smoothly, we often don’t think of how this occurs, we just take it for granted that they will because they do. It happens because of the outstanding work of this office and there is no better time to recognize them than now at election time.
So, thank you Susie Edwards and staff for the job you do. It is appreciated, and we can all rest easy in the sanctity of our election process in Dillon County.

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