The Continual War Against COVID-19: Friends, Foes, And Fools

Six or seven months ago (when the coronavirus first showed its ugly and deadly face), that it would still be devastating lives, families, and the economy in the process. Due to the incompetent, ineffective, and initial response of the administration and federal government to get a handle on this pandemic from the onset, the deadly effect on their bungling has caused this plague to skyrocket exponentially to the tune of over two hundred thousand deaths and seven million Americans who have contracted the virus, including Mr. Trump, his wife, and others in his circle of political allies. These numbers are alarmingly and disproportionately high in the Black, Brown, and Native American populations. If they contract the virus, African-Americans are three times more likely to be hospitalized and ten times more likely to die than Whites. Regrettably, instead of this pandemic being brought under control as it should have been, there are alarming indications that there is a resurgence in many states that have been laxed in their handling of it. With the onset of fall upon us and winter following it, we will have to battle both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time.
Since we are in the fight of our lives, I am compelled by a sense of urgency to focus my attention today on the war against the coronavirus. In this battle, there are three types of people who are playing a strategic and vital role, for better or worse, that we are going to consider and comment on. It is important that in my consideration and comments, I want everyone to understand that I am not bringing a personal incrimination or indictment upon any particular individual. Nevertheless, I am targeting attitudes and practices that are both commendable and culpable in this ongoing battle.

Friends and Allies
in the War
One of the greatest and most effective ways that we are going to defeat the COVID-19 virus is to identify who our friends and allies are. Even as the two World Wars were won by a collaboration of allies and nations who were friendly to and in agreement with one another regarding what it was going to take to defeat the enemy, this same approach and practice must be implemented in the war against the coronavirus. Every person who is truly an ally in this struggle must prove it by doing positive and practical things to protect both themselves and others from contracting the pandemic. Proven practices like wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, etc. must become commonplace disciplines by everyone who are truly allies in this war. According to a recent report, over half the nation is experiencing a resurgence in the spread of the pandemic. This is due to the fact that states have become slack in encouraging their citizens to practice precautionary measures that would contain and control this deadly disease. Anyone who does not believe in or practice wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, or using hand sanitizer gel or liquid when necessary is not a friend or ally in this battle. Regrettably, they are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Foes in the Fight
Invariably, if there are friends and allies in this war to contain control and ultimately conquer COVID-19, there will most definitely be foes. To our detriment, perhaps the greatest foes and impediment to win this fight against this killer pandemic has come from One Hundred Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Our failure and inability to get a handle on this pandemic has stemmed from a lack of prudent oversight and implementation of practical policies and procedures from the White House. Everyone, whether they are Republican or Democrat or Conservative or Liberal in their politics, who refuses to practice the precautionary measures that we have already mentioned must be classified as foes and opponents in this war that we are waging. Whether they mean to or not, their refusal to simply be more considerate and empathetic of others who are more susceptible to contracting the virus from people who are ignorant of the fact that they are asymptomatic and a super spreader, can prove critical and fatal to others. I have known people (from the ages of twenty to forty,) who fit the previous category, who are in that proven age group who constitute only 8% of people with the virus. However, they brought it home to their loved ones who had underlying health conditions. Quite a few of the people who contracted the virus from others who brought it home to them are no longer with us.

Fools in
the Fight
Though my aim is not to label anyone as a fool in this final section of my column today, I have no other option but to set them in the category of those who do foolish things when they ought to know better. I have a ninety-four-year-old mother with underlying health conditions. It would be very inconsiderate, selfish, and down-right foolish of me to visit my mother without wearing a mask. My first concern should be to protect her and keep her around as long as I can by wearing a mask. I see far too many people who live with others who I know have underlying health conditions and who refuse to discipline themselves to wear masks in order to safeguard themselves in order to protect their loved ones. Don’t let your ignorance, negligence, stubbornness, or sheer selfishness make you a fool and an accomplice in causing another to contract the virus and be hospitalized and die. Please wear a mask!