Dillon City Council Renews Lease At Golf Course

The Dillon City Council approved a two-year lease agreement for the golf course at a recent meeting.
The lease agreement states the following:
Twin Lake Lease Agreement Extension: This Lease Agreement Extension entered into this day (together with any amendments hereto made in accordance herewith, the “Lease), by and between Twin Lake Enterprises, LLC (the “Lessor”), as Lessor hereunder, and the City of Dillon as Lessee hereunder.
Whereas, the said Twin Lakes Enterprises, LLC, as the Lessor, and the City of Dillon, as the Lessee, entered into a lease agreement in April 2013 to begin June 1, 2013 for a period of five (5) years to conclude on May 31, 2018 and whereas the lease agreement allowed for the Lessee to exercise its right to extend the lease for an additional period of time,
Now comes the Lessor and the Lessee now agree to extend the lease for an additional two (2) years from July 1, 2020 to end June 30, 2022. The lease extension shall be under the same terms as set forth in the original lease agreement with the Lessee paying the Lessor $2,500.00 a month during the term of this extension. The Lessee will allow the Lessor to relocate the #12 green to accommodate an entry road from the clubhouse driveway to the 28 acres not being used for golf purposes at the Lessor expense and the Lessor will coordinate this relocation with the Lessee.
In withness whereof, the Lessor has executed this Lease Agreement Extension in its corporate name with its corporate seal hereunto affixed and arrested by its duly authorized officers and the Lessee has caused this Lease Aggreement Extension to be executed in its corporate name and signed by the City Manager.
Upon a motion by Councilman James Washington and a second by Councilman Douglas Jackson, the lease agreement was approved in a 5-1 vote. Councilman Johnny Eller was the opposing vote. Washington, Jackson, Councilman Tim Cousar, Councilman Jay David, and Mayor Pro-Tem Phil Wallace voted in favor of the motion.
Several people spoke in favor of the golf course at various points in the meeting. Richard Calhoun said the golf course is needed from an economic development standpoint. He said the golf course is used by commercial businesses as well as the schools, who use it for practices and matches.
Matt Moody, a member of the Twin Lakes Country Club board, said the country club serves many purposes and is the site of various functions. He said the golf course is amazing, and it was far from a “white collar” golf course. He said when industries look at locating in Dillon they look at the amenities such as the golf course and to take away the golf course is not looking toward the future and future growth of the city and county.
Councilman Jay David said the golf course pays at least half its way and is a quality of life issue. He said noone will come to this county if they do not offer a golf course. He said it is a true asset to the city and county and offers a tremendous service to the elderly and younger people. He said it has also been an asset to charities, who have brought in over $500,000 over a long period of time through golf tournaments.
Councilman Eller said he was not against the golf course, but said he did not feel the city should be involved. He said the children don’t have anything. He said the money spent on the golf course could be used to upgrade the parks or to upgrade the downtown. He brought up the number of members, “hidden costs,” and asked Councilman David if he could “prove” that the golf course had brought in $500,000 for charity.
Early in the discussion of this issue, Eller made a motion to table the matter because citizens couldn’t come to the meeting due to the conflicts. This motion failed due to lack of a second.

(Source: City of Dillon June 2020 Council minutes)