New Ditcher Will Help Improve Ditches

By Betsy Finklea
The new ditcher will help Dillon County tremendously, according to Dillon County Administrator Tony Clyburn.
Clyburn said the problem with some of the roads in the county is that they are not draining properly. He said having the ditcher will allow the county to clean out and dig the ditches where they haven’t been able to before.
The ditcher is about 15-20 times faster than just using a backhoe, Clyburn said. He said with a backhoe only about one-fourth of a mile of ditch can be done in a day while the ditcher can do about five miles in a day.

Also, the ditcher disperses the dirt evenly so it doesn’t create further problems. The ditcher is much easier to work with than the backhoe for this particular job. Clyburn said the operation of the ditcher is much cheaper because of the difference in the fuel costs. Clyburn said the ditcher was simply something they needed to get the ditches cleaned out in an efficient manner and to help better serve the citizens.