Beaver Dam Club Holds Fishing Tournament

Beaver Dam Hunting and Fishing Club held its first fishing tournament in a number of years on Wednesday, October 17th.

Conditions were perfect and David Strickland land the largest bass, and Jim Brown landed the largest bream. Mac Moody landed a large number of fish as did Douglas Lynn. David McLaurin, Dean Shuttleworth, Jr., Daniel McLaurin, and Casey Gibson kept the pressure on the leaders until the final horn.

Many-time champions, B.P. Gordon and Charlie Vance, elected to handle the weigh-in and rules enforcement to give others a chance to have a winning experience. Jack Lynn, previous champion, was unable to fish due to an injury. Hopefully, Jack will be fully recovered by the spring.
Cash prizes were awarded to the winners, and Charlie Vance, IV came up from Charleston to handle security for the prize money.
Ray Stephens and Mac Moody provided a great meal for all to enjoy after the tournament.