Random Act Of Kindness

It was raining as we were crossing the driveway to the side door of the fast food restaurant.  But we were not alone; a few feet ahead of us were three customers-to-be, an adult and two teen aged boys trying to avoid the same wet downfall, reaching the entrance door a few second before we arrived.  There was no shelter from the downpour so I was surprised to see that the adult of the trio instead of hurrying into the business, stood momentarily holding open the door and waiting for us to enter, in the meantime enduring the wetness himself.  Why, I thought, would a total stranger offer such a courtesy under these conditions plus the fact that we were from different ethnic groups which shows that kindness knows no boundaries or at least shouldn’t.
I hurried to accept his kindness plus anxious to offer my thanks for his unexpected door opening gift.  We both entered and I expressed to him my delight in his thoughtfulness, shaking his hand.  The two boys, perhaps his sons, were observers and the meeting of the adults quickly ended as he made a hasty side trip leaving the boys in my presence.
We spoke and I found out this was a family stopping for a meal before school began, perhaps junior high.  I expressed to the two well dressed teens how grateful and impressed I was that this remote, apparently automatic act was offered to unknown me.
I wondered if I would have been so kind to offer such a gesture to them had we been in opposite places.  The act did not inconvenience anyone except momentarily yet the impression left has stayed with me for several weeks and here I am telling you about it.
Parents are the greatest role model for children, or should be, and I wondered   what this non-event lasting mere seconds had on the minds of the two boys/sons.  Were they surprised that the father would offer such a courtesy; or was his thoughtful, routine act merely another of his what-you-would-expect-of-him to perform?
I saw a poster in a school building years ago, I remember it was outside the health room and one that has made a lasting impression on me.  I recalled this long ago poster as I thought of this door opening event.  The poster stated:  NO GOOD DEED EVER GOES UNREWARDED.
And it’s absolutely true.  The reward can be immediate with an offer of thanks but even if not then, someday…
Bill Lee
PO Box 128
Hamer, SC 29547

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