Gideon McDaniel

The church I attend has a small congregation thus no nursery since there are usually no children in attendance.  So it is noteworthy when one or two show up with their parents for morning worship.
The young couple has two pre-k boys, generally well behaved but having an exploratory nature since common surroundings provide challenges such as climbing in and under the pews, finding unusual uses for the hymnals and making an obstacle course out of the steps to the elevated choir loft.  The carpeted floor is a perfect place to crawl out of the reach of the mother in particular.
The younger boy, Gideon, exhibits the usual curiosity of most children.  Obviously they have questions that demand answers and currently asking is the principal method of finding out.  Soon when they begin more formal schooling, they will need to know these and many more answers just to keep up.
I was seated in a pew adjacent to the window-lined aisle and just ahead of the family seating which became a favorite crawling area.  But the little one soon became tired of this activity and  stood up to grasp the window sill which surprisingly was of intense interest since he was delighted to see that a ‘bug’ was crawling along at eye level.  What do you do when you come across something new and moving, you express excitement with glee followed with the next step of discovery, touch it.
By this time his excitement level was elevated and his movements became even more exaggerated which caught the attention of his mother who came to his side.
He did not seem to be scared of the strange crawling  object but rather attempted to pick it up but to no avail but his mother was there to assist.  She gently lifted the object of discovery and placed it in her son‘s opened hand.  He momentarily seemed speechless as he watched it crawl along his hand and lower arm but did not try to rid it from his presence.  He was fascinated with this miracle of Mother Nature.
The scene lasted only a minute or so then she gently placed the bug into the cup of her hand and returned it to its original destination.  Then just as quickly, Gideon’s attention was focused on a small object that had fallen to the floor.  His mind was never at rest and neither was his energy level.
In the meantime, the sermon continued with at least two not paying attention.
And the happiest ones present: Gideon and the bug.
Sometimes God sends his message through words, children and even bugs.
Bill Lee, PO Box 128,
Hamer, SC 29547

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