Bookmobile Schedule: 10/28-10/30

-October 28, 2014
Richardson Res (Pee Dee Church Rd)-3:30-3:50                   
Riverdale Community Park -3:50-4:30
Locklear Res-4:45-5:00
Fulton Res (Motley Drive)- 5:00-5:20

October 29, 2014                        
Coleman Res-3:15-3:30                 
Carter Res -3:30-3:45
Campbell Res-3:50-4:30
Felder Res -4:45-5:30                            

October 30, 2014
Thorne Residential Care – 3:30-3:45                   
Mary’s Little Lamb Daycare-3:45-4:00
Learning Experience Center-4:00-4:15
Little Angels Daycare- 4:20-4:30
Murphy Res (Hwy 41) – 4:45-5:00

Monday & Friday -Bookmobile In-Service Days

Anyone who is a resident of Dillon County may get a free library card at any Dillon County branch library or from the bookmobile the first time. Your library card is valid for five years and can be used at any public library in the following counties:  Dillon, Darlington, Marion, Marlboro, Georgetown, or Sumter counties.  Use the same card at Dillon, Latta, Lake View, or on the Bookmobile. For information about the bookmobile or if you would like to have a stop closer to your home, call Felicia Hayes at 774-0330 or stop by any branch library.  Thank you for supporting the bookmobile.

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