Gunter Kale Makes Spec Building Proposal

By Betsy Finklea
Robert Adams, representing Gunter Kale, LLC, appeared before the Dillon County Council on Wednesday to make a proposal about the spec building.
He said they wanted what was best for Dillon County whether they accepted or rejected his proposal.
He proposed the following:
—50,000 sq. ft. building expandable to 200,000 sq. ft. on 15 plus acres for $2.5 million
—$150,000 credit back to Dillon County for credit toward the sewer
—$150,000 site contingency credit only if there are no unexpected costs. This is not guaranteed money back to the county.
—$112,500 value of the 15 acres donated by Gunter Kale LLC at $7,500 an acre
—$10,000 donation to the Dillon County Economic Development Office for marketing. Dillon County would be responsible for the marketing.
—An estimated sewer cost of $450,000 for the Gunter Kale site. This is to be paid by Dillon County.
He said his proposal would open up a whole area.
The architect they would team up with would be Pike- McFarland-Hall Associates. Florence Builders would do the construction.
Dillon County Chairman Archie Scott reported to The Herald that  he tried to call a special meeting to discuss the spec building proposals. He said that he did not have enough council members available to attend Monday or Tuesday before the regular meeting on Wednesday.

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