New Life Assembly Of God Presents Christmas Program

New Life Assembly of God presented the Christmas program, Christmas “TIME” December 3 and 4th. Over 300 people attended the program , traveling as far as from Effingham, Hartsville, and Florence. The program began inside as shoppers filled the city streets with the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season. The TV news reporter was on a journey to find the real joy of Christmas from the shoppers. Unfortunately, he ran into people who were too busy, stressed, crazy, indifferent, and religious to tell his viewing audience about the joy of Christmas. There was finally one passerby who shared Jesus, the joy of Christmas. The program then moved to a store where children anxiously awaited the arrival of “Santa.” One by one, children dictated to Santa their demands for Christmas. One child simply wanted joy. . .and it was not for herself. It was for Santa. She explained how only Jesus gives true joy and also lead Santa to receive Jesus into
his heart. The “theme” of the program was the importance of “TIME” and the true JOY of Christmas. Both of which are very closely related. The audience was encouraged to make time to keep Christ in everyday living as well as at CHRISTmas time. Adults were challenged to help children know the way, the truth, and true joy on a daily basis. . . to give them a fair chance at eternal life. With Silent Night, Holy Night the audience was escorted by their very own angels to their journey to Bethlehem; Before which they stopped by the shed for a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider and proceeded down a torch lit pathway.
The program concluded in Bethlehem where Joseph delivered a monologue of his experience with Mary and how he felt during the news of her expectant child. He told of the Herods in lives that try to steal dreams and abort the plan that God has for each one. The reading of the Christmas Story from Luke 2 escorted Mary and Joseph, angels, shepherds and wise men to the stage.
The entire cast then sang Happy Birthday Jesus as a beautiful Birthday Cake was presented and a parade of banners and flags celebrated the birth of Jesus. After the program, the birthday celebration continued with FREE homemade soup, chili, corn bread, and birthday cake that was enjoyed around the campfire.
The sounds of laughter filled the air as kids and adults enjoyed wagon rides around the property. The joy of the Lord filled the atmosphere as families and friends took TIME to celebrate the real reason for the season.
Ten people made a profession of faith during the two nights. The cast consisted of 30 people from the congregation of New Life as well as many behind the scene workers and supporters. New Life would like to extend a very Merry CHRISTmas to the readers!. Be Blessed!