Latta School Board Of Trustees Meets

The Latta School Board of Trustees met for the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the District Administrative Conference Room. Notices of the meeting were duly exercised and published per school board policy.
Trustees present were: Kyle Berry, Edward Bethea, Janice Boatwright, Kenneth Kitts and Eddie Watson. Linda James and Betty Jo Johnson were absent.
Vice-Chair Edward Bethea welcomed all present and Dr. Kirby opened with prayer.
A motion was made by Eddie Watson and seconded by Kenneth Kitts to accept the minutes of the October 11, 2011 meeting as written and received in mail. Vote was unanimous.
Edward Bethea presented an update on the Latta Schools Educational Foundation fund raising plans.
Upon the recommendations of the Latta Schools Educational Foundation’s Executive Committee, a motion was made by Kenneth Kitts and seconded by Kyle Berry to grant naming opportunities to commemorate gifts of certain amounts. Vote was unanimous.
Donna Taylor presented a status report on the General Fund budget.
Auditor Bob Harper from Harper, Poston & Moree, P.A. of Pawleys Island presented the audit report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011. He highlighted portions of the Executive Summary.
A motion to accept the audit as presented was made by Eddie Watson, seconded by Kenneth Kitts and vote was unanimous.
Martha Heyward presented the following:
*Dropout Rate Report
*Update on the Latta High School Spanish/ International Baccalaureate classes trip to Costa Rica during spring break.
*Update on the cost of the International Baccalaureate exam that will be taken in the spring.
Robert McIntyre presented as information the following:
*45-day student report and the student demographics report.
*Monies from the Technology Grant Award have been used to expand the laptop project to the seventh graders. Now all seventh and eighth graders will have laptops to use at school and home. Fifty Ipads have been purchased to use in the IB, Montessori and Special Education classes.
Larry Legette reported that all construction projects were going well.
Upon Dr. Kirby’s recommendation, the following motions were made:
*Motion was made by Eddie Watson and seconded by Kenneth Kitts to approve first reading of policy GCA and waive second reading. Vote was unanimous.
*Motion was made by Kenneth Kitts and seconded by Kyle Berry to accept as first reading policy JHA. Vote was unanimous.
A motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel contracts was made by Kenneth Kitts and seconded by Kyle Berry. Vote was unanimous. Reconvening from executive session no action was taken.
(Taken from the unofficial minutes of the Latta School Board)