Concerned Citizens PTI Meeting Held

Submitted by Linda Gonzales Battle
Our second week PTI (Pre Trial Intervention) meeting was held on Monday, April 18, 2011 at the Riverdale Community Center.
The purpose of this meeting is to sponsor a program by the Solicitor’s office called PTI, which consists of “First Time Offenders” who have been charged with non-violent crimes. This is an eight week program that consists of various speakers who share their ideas. In these sessions, there is a question and answer session.
The meeting was opened by Rev. Michael Battle, Chaplain, with prayer. He introduced the speakers.
Joe Williams, President, stated that he was so proud and thankful for the support the program has been receiving. He also stated that he was very glad to see Mrs. Fannie Vanderhall at the meeting. There were a few new participants at the meeting and Mr. Williams explained in great detail the requirements for the PTI. In closing, he thanked the staff for their continual support.
Betty Legette, Manning Baptist Church, reiterated some of her comments from last wek. She talked about being positive and being with positive people. She also talked about one of her jobs, which was selling mobile homes. She stated that there were some difficult times selling mobile homes. But, she asked questions and got better at her job. She talked about her drug addiction. It started with hanging out with people who were about nothing. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. She lived in fear about getting locked up. But, she got through all of that. When you do the right thing, God opens doors for you. When you do wrong, your sins will come upon you. Everything she lost five years ago, she accepted her wrong doings and now she can move on. She encouraged the participants to complete the PTI program and move on. In closing, Ms. Legette stated that she made small goals, which she has completed. She encouraged the participants to set small goals that are attainable and they will see a difference in their lives.
Rev. Johnny Page, Mt. Sinia Church reiterated about Lent season. He talked about the reason Jesus traveled on a donkey and did not complain. He stated that we like to speed and don’t look where we are going. We want things fast and in a hurry like a microwave. Jesus Christ takes His time and does not rush. We need to take time and plan. Regardless what we do, God will always be there. Keep God in your heart at all times. In closing, he told the participants to stay focused on all the things you are doing. Speak the truth. Regardless of what you did in life, God will always love you. Don’t forget that. This is the week that Jesus Christ rode on a donkey to save you from sins.

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